Careers and Employment Opportunities
Central Projectos seeks to select the best employees. In order to maintain them the company tries to provide the best working conditions, enrich their technical characteristics, motivation and dedication, provide learning development and a personal and professional achievement atmosphere, in order to consolidate their experience and potentiate their career. In Central Projectos:
* We want our employees to grow with us, providing conditions so they can develop their capacities;
* We are constantly learning on an ongoing challenge of work, colleagues and clients in a partnership and teamwork atmosphere with respect for diversity of ideas and values;
* We encourage people to know our company activities, providing them with learning conditions of new situations, experience consolidation and career development;
* We believe in a good working atmosphere, constant impulse to our employees potential development and value recognition of those who make most efforts;
* We believe that we can provide the best conditions to your professional achievement so we invite you to submit your resume to a possible opportunity to join this great team.
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